Body Codes

One day, about five years ago, in a darkened back room in the radiology, I was watching a pastor friend of mine as his heart was being scanned with an older model ultrasound machine. Because of a slight grounding issue, the speakers crackled with each EKG complex on the monitor screen.¬† It gave the impression of lightning because of the unusual crackling at every flash of the EKG QRS complex.¬† Then I heard the rumbling thunder of each heart sound that followed the flashes of lightning. Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub sounded like the Hebrew word for “heart” Leb-bab, Leb-bab, Leb-bab. Then each of the four heart valves murmurs¬† in and around the heart, it reminded me of the four living creatures in around the throne of God in Heaven. Suddenly Revelation 4:5 came alive and I had an open vision of the Throne Room of God depicted in every human chest. The vision came all at once, with two sets of twelve ribs as the four and twenty Elders seated around the throne, and the sternum as a two edged sword coming out of the mouth. The coronary arteries that encircled the top of the heart looked just like a the crown of thorns that the King who sits on His Heavenly Throne wore at His sacrificial Crucifixion.
Over the past five years the pattern of scripture imbedded in the rest of the whole body has manifested itself. It is the best form of Cross-Cultural communication from Heaven to us I have ever seen and brings most who view it to tears. Please click here to obtain a full length copy with your generous donation.

Check out Creation in the 21st Century With David Reeves. Dr. Thurston was his featured guest. The show was a real hit and you can view it here.

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