Evidences - Another of Dr. Thurston's websites dedicated to apologetics and finding answers to some of the "conflicts" between modern science and the Bible. This has been a passion of his for over three decades.

Medical-Opinions - This is a website created by Dr. Thurston to help people get a second opinion on health issues they might be faced with. There's a lot of great advice on various medical conditions and lots of nutritional tips worth following.

Shroud of Turin - An item of intense wonder and controversy, the alleged burial cloth of Jesus Christ has caught Dr. Thurston's attention. Although it was "proven" to be only several hundred years old based upon carbon dating findings in the 1980's, it has recently been learned that the samples were taken from areas that had been patched after a middle ages fire. Anyway, have a look at the site and come up with your own conclusions. There are many wonders around us and this is certainly one of them.

The Stream TV - You can see Chuck and Therese on The Stream TV -


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